January 28, 2016

~Happy Birthday Matt~

Matt's birthday brought lots of fun and eating this year, 3 fun celebrations for my favorite 35-year-old:
-Great seafood at Pappadeaux with my parents and shopping at Willow Bend (legos!)
-Pimento cheese tater tots + steak Montecarlo at Sugarbacon
-Lunch on the patio (in January!) at the Greenhouse with Matt's mom + Star Wars movie marathon
Happy Days!

January 2, 2016

Welcome 2016

2015 was another great year, it's on to 2016 with some fun and simple goals....
  • Go out for weekend brunch to 12 new & different restaurants - woo hoo! - DONE
  • Travel coast-to-coast: Perhaps Washington-Oregon Coast this summer, Key West next winter break? - DONE (Colorado & Virginia instead)
  • Go a month without eating out (including no school lunches or fast food at home) - FAIL
  • Blog every month - DONE
  • And some (hopefully easy) House Goals too: get all the curtains cleaned, landscape the front beds, repair the spa heater, touch up living room trim paint, paint the laundry closet, replace our aging washer and dryer, and investigate adding under-the-house insulation - DONE
Can't wait to get started - welcome, welcome 2016