November 30, 2015


Adventures this month:
  • Celebrated our 10th anniversary with a little getaway to Denton.
  • A haircut for me after growing it out for 3 years. I cut off 10 inches for Locks of Love for the 2nd time. It's probably my last time for a big chop too since I'm going to need to start dying my gray at some point soon.
  • New paint and bedding for the upstairs bedroom, prompted by a fun quick visit from M+J (Pub, church, Pantry)
  • Lunch lady duty at work for 1,000 for McClure's annual Thanksgiving lunch, I was the turkey girl this year. Tons of fun!
  • A little Thanksgiving getaway to Spring like last year with Jimmy's parents, Cindy+family, my parents, and Aunt Jenny+Audie. Turkey+cornhole+chimenea fires plus cookies and fun for Lydia's 2nd birthday too.
  • Plus, chili and a rainy "Home for the Holidays" on the McKinney square with Betsy, football watching with the Motts, a cowboy game for Matt, and lots of relaxing around the house over Thanksgiving break.
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November 21, 2015

A + M = 10

Looks like we've been married for 10 years...

November 19, 2015

Denton Anniversary Fun

We celebrated our 10th anniversary with a weekend getaway to the town where we got married - Denton! 
Since we're not taking our big trip for a few more months, we enjoyed a mini-getaway down the road with fun on the Denton square, dinner at the Greenhouse where we had our rehearsal dinner, and a stop by the Little-Chapel-in-the-Woods where we tied the knot. We even spent the night at the same bed and breakfast where we stayed after our wedding, the super cute Wildwood Inn.

Matt's first time wearing a robe - ha!
The Loophole - our favorite bar to buy art.