January 31, 2014

January in Review

-A quick New Year's Eve trip to Spring
-Back to school for me and Matt (4 weeks off!) after a productive winter break around the house
-A day trip with Matt's mom to the George W. Bush Presidential Library - loved the White House Christmas decorations
-Celebrating Matt's birthday with brunch, art admiring at the DMA, Klyde Warren Park, Farmers Branch Historical Park, Breadwinner's, and a fun clothes shopping trip with my parents
-Fun with family and friends at Sauce, Cadillac Pizza, Savour, Gloria's, The Pub, and elsewhere - glad we're not on a eating healthy kick this year!

Around Downtown Challenge
{LOTS of progress on our "eat everywhere downtown" resolution, don't think we'll be hitting up this many places most months!}
-Bien Salsa
-The Pub
-Spoon's Cafe
-Sauce on the Square
-Cadillac Pizza Pub
-Landon Winery
-Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers

Around the House {December 16th-January 31st}
-Deep-cleaned everything, thanks Matt!
-Cleaned/organized garage
-Changed all locks
-Replaced kitchen faucet
-Replaced bathroom switch plates
-Replaced garage door lock
-Bought and hung three stained glass windows at Antique Company Mall for Christmas
-Hung curtains in all rooms (and, of course, every single window is a slightly different size)
-Bought/assembled dining room table and six chairs
-Bought/assembled sitting room chairs
-Changed dining room chandelier and sitting room fan
-Rewired the chandelier, added a ceiling medallion, and replaced the socket in master bedroom
-Removed ivy from house siding and cleaned wood/trash/leaves/junk from behind garage, including a heavy porcelain sink and random yard art
-Took a load of scrap metal from yard/garage to metal yard
-Paid a plumber to repair water main leak
-Organized under-stair closet and hung coat rod
-Hung roman shades in master bedroom
-Installed new antique turn doorbell on back door
-Ordered new den couch
-Cleared 38 cans of paint for disposal - who knew there were so many shades of beige?
-Painted den walls granite gray and ceiling marshmallow white
-Updated den switches from cream to white
-Added weather stripping to den and living room windows
-Installed fan with light kit in den
-Updated kitchen lighting to LED - thanks Dad!
-Installed blinds in master bathroom
-Cleared landscaping from driveway island
-Started painting living/dining crisp linen white
-Removed 24 bags of ivy and yard waste from beds - I'm tired just thinking about it!

January 28, 2014

~Happy Birthday Matt~

32 suited you - new job, new car, new house, new travels, can't wait to see what fun 33 brings!

January 6, 2014

It's 2014!

For 2014 the yearly goals easy and fun:

-Eat at all the restaurants in downtown McKinney - gotta get to know our new town right?

-Blog our new old house as we get moved in

-Find a new place to volunteer (in addition to Junior League)

-Go on a big road trip this summer, it's been too long since we've driven over 4,000 miles....

-Keep taking weekly photos (for the 5th year)

January 4, 2014

NYE in Spring

We had a great quick getaway to visit my sister for New Year's Eve. Last year we stopped by on our way back from our east coast Christmas vacation, this year we made a special trip to visit with our sweet new niece. It's always fun hanging with M+J, and little Lydia is great at being cute. Can't wait to see you all again soon.
Family + fireworks + Matt's first trip to Buc-ees - so far 2014 is off to a great start!

January 3, 2014

Welcome to 1925

It's been a busy few weeks here at the new old place, but besides our unusual move-in story and a plumbing repair things are going just fine. 
We love the house so far! It was was built in 1925 and has been renovated several times throughout the years. At one point it was taken from a one story to a two story and the fireplace was removed. Most recently the previous owners updated the plumbing/electrical/HVAC/water heater and renovated the kitchen, master bath, floors, and added the detached garage and pool. They took care of all of this within the last five years. Lucky us!

The Before Photos (Minus the 10,000 leaves professionaly removed, you couldn't actually see the yard or driveway on the day we moved in.)
See that water pooling in the curb? We were oblivious when these pictures were taken, but the city water truck drove by and enlightened us that we had a leak from the house to the city water line. Just a few inches over and it would have been the city's repair to fix. Oh well, luckily it wasn't under the driveway or it would have cost a small fortune to repair.
Combined kitchen/living/dining space, half bath, front bedroom (den), master bedroom and closet
Two bedrooms, one bathroom and a fun "short room" finished attic space over the porch
Thankfully there really isn't too much to do with this house other than painting and landscaping (and figuring out how to care for the pool properly). We will need to re-plank the porch and take down the giant cottonwood in the front this year, and at some point paint the outside and replace the roof down the road. That's all we have planned for now, we'll see what else the house throws our way!