November 30, 2013

November in Photos

44/52 :: Walking
45/52 :: Still Here
46/52 :: Packing
47/52 :: 8th Anniversary
48/52 :: Thanksgiving at 8,751 feet

November Adventures:
- Dallas Girls Getaway
- Working 'Neath the Wreath with Junior League, the market was better than ever this year
- Lots of house hunting in Historic McKinney, ending with an offer on a cute 1925 house on our anniversary
- Finishing my last Coursera class of the year, Conditions of War and Peace
Fort Worth Anniversary Fun
- Spending Thanksgiving out west at Guadalupe Peak and welcoming our new niece Lydia the very same day - love you bunches baby L!

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Guadalupe Peak Thanksgiving

Guess who spent Thanksgiving hiking to the top of Texas? We took a trip to the wild west last week to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday over Thanksgiving break.
Inspired by The Daytripper, my dad planned a this family trip to Guadalupe Peak last spring. Maggie+Jimmy were supposed to join us on this trip too, but they had a baby that day instead. Good excuse I guess! It was a great surprise to learn our new niece Lydia made her arrival on Thanksgiving after spending a long day hiking. We definitely won't forget that memorable day.

1,500 miles and 4-days of fun, including...
- Exploring Midland, and Mike's childhood home and schools
- Historic Hotel El Capitan in Van Horn
- Dinner at Chuy's, John Madden's favorite
- 9 hours of hiking at Guadalupe Mountains National Park - ice and snow on the trail was a challenging surprise!
- Exploring quirky Marfa, no Marfa mystery light sightings though
- Window shopping and a delicious lunch at Reata in Alpine (a favorite from our Big Bend trip)
- Learning about the sun at the fancy McDonald Observatory
Chisholm Midland House
Looking down at El Capitan
Happy Birthday Dad!
Marfa Lights Viewing Area
McDonald Observatory
Fort Davis
Goodbye West Texas!

November 24, 2013

A + M = 8

*The Great 8*
Our anniversary is here again! To celebrate 8 years of A+M we spent a fun day in Fort Worth over the weekend. Local beers and music and the Martin House Brewery, window shopping and Christmas pageantry at Sundance Square, art at the Kimbell, bbq at Tim Love's snazzy Woodshed Smokehouse, and our favorite ice cream at Beth Marie's on the Denton square made for a fun day.
We also bought our biggest gift ever:
We were fortunate to spend the evening of our actual anniversary signing the offer on our next house. We had made an offer on an amazing house in downtown McKinney earlier this month and didn't get it, only to receive notice a few weeks later that the first offer fell through and the house was ours for the taking after all. We have been dealing with multiple offers and limited inventory in the area where we want to move (and were just days away from signing an apartment lease) so it really was the perfect gift. We can't wait to move into our new old house (she's 88!) in mid-December if all goes according to plan. P.S. It has a pool.

November 8, 2013

Dallas Girls Weekend

I was lucky enough to start the month with a girls getaway in Dallas a few weeks ago.  After heading to Galveston last year, we kept it a stay-cation for Megan, Shannon, Mandy, and me (and a quick flight from Corpus for Cherie). We had a ton of fun eating, drinking, and shopping our way thorough town.
Megan found a great deal for the Sheraton Dallas (also hosting a fancy Black Tie event during our stay) so we were able to were able to walk or taxi most spots.

We enjoyed:
Coal Vines for pizza on the patio
Bishop Arts District for cutesy shopping and drinks at Whitehall Exchange
The Den for football watching with Tech fans, Blackfriar Pub, and Draft Sports Lounge for late night fun
Komali for queso brunch and a perfect view of all the Susan G. Koman 3-day walkers
- And Northpark, always great for window shopping

Where to next year? :)