February 29, 2012

February Photo Challenge {21-29}

I'm done with the Photo-a-day Challenge for February. 
I'm glad I participated, but it was definitely harder than expected. Guess I'm just not used to prompts.

21. a fave photo of you {via nephew R}

22. where you work

23. your shoes

24. bathroom

25. green {tea}

26. night

27. something you ate {after-dinner decaf}

28. money {+bunny}

29. something you're listening to 

February 20, 2012

February Photo Challenge {11-20}

I'm 2/3 done with the February Photo-a-day Challenge.

11. makes you happy

12. inside your closet

13. blue {Wonder by R.J. Palacio - 5 stars!}

14. heart

15. phone {iPhone speaker love}

16. something new {library re-arrange = busy work week}

17. time {for my favorite class, Kelly's Friday fitness happy hour}

18. drink {Crossroads Winery tasting}

19. something you hate to do

20. handwriting

February 14, 2012

Be Mine...

Check out my cute Valentine:
Doesn't 3rd grade Matt look like he could get away with just about anything?

We celebrated Valentine's day last weekend with a lovely day trip to Fort Worth: a tasty BBQ lunch at Riscky'sKaws at the Modern Art Museum, coffee, Monet, and more at the Kimbell, Denton window shopping, and ice cream treats. Too bad it was too cold for Food Trucks, guess we have a good excuse to head back soon.

Love ya bunches Sweet Baboo - thanks for making coffee every morning (even on days you don't have to get up early), being a great road trip partner, and keeping me updated on all things history!

February 13, 2012

Love ya Mom

Hope your day is great!

February 11, 2012

February Photo Challenge {1-10}

I'm trying a Photo-a-day Challenge for February.
{Instagram app via iPhone & iPad} 

1. your view today {the commute}

2. words

3. hands

 4. stranger {cousins+grandma Evelyn visit, a special treat}

5. 10am {Erwin Park adventure}

6. dinner {super bowl leftovers!, especially fun since we usually eat healthy stuff}

7. button

8. sun

9. front door

10. self portrait