December 31, 2010

52/52 Photowalks: Capitol

View from the Washington Monument at dusk.

December 25, 2010

December 22, 2010

For Mike

Hope your day is great!

December 20, 2010

51/52 Photowalks: St. Alban's

St. Alban's in Waco, Jimmy's first church and site of his fun ordination festivities last weekend.

50/52 Photowalks: Cards

49/52 Photowalks: 2x2 in Review

My top ten picks for the new 2x2 Reading List have been submitted - I've been celebrating by getting rid of books!  As part of my job on the 2x2 committee, I've been reading hundreds of brand-new books and narrowing it down to precious few favorites. I'm keeping a few for myself and friends but most ended up at Together We Learn and Children's Medical Center.
Unpacking, reading, sorting and storing was fun at first (three to five book deliveries arrive every week!), but for now I'm just ready to have the bedroom back.
A typical week - a new history journal for Matt, a giant stack of children's books for me: