October 13, 2009

State Fair Fun

I spent Sunday with Big Tex (and my parents) and had a ton of fun. Lots of fried food, interesting people and exhibits, and a special surprise - Oprah was there!

We ate:
Fried Guacamole
Fletcher's Corny Dogs
French Fries
Cotton Candy
Sweet Jalapeno Fried Corndog Shrimp
Fried Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
and all kinds of free samples.

We saw:
Trick dog show
Food and Fiber Pavilion samples and exhibits
An old-time salon carved from butter
Pirates of the Caribbean dive show
Birds of the World show
Oprah and Gail with a large camera crew and parade of police officers
Big Tex
Bagpipe Band
Women's Museum
D.A.R. House
Marine Drum and Bugle Corp
Animals on exhibit
a LONG line for fried butter and lots more.

A few photos...

State Fair

State Fair

State Fair

State Fair: Fried Guacamole!

State Fair

October 4, 2009

9 for 12

I've made it 9 months with Project 365!

A few photos from September...