May 23, 2008

Spring Break in Austin and New Braunfels

Saturday and Sunday with Maggie + Monday and Tuesday with Matt = A fun spring break!

  • Headed south to Austin
  • Started with fun with lunch and music on the patio at Opal Divine's Penn Field
  • Dinner and relaxing at Earl and Evelyn's
  • Church and La Madeline's in San Antonio with the grandparents
  • Shopping and a movie with Maggie to complete a relaxing day
  • Headed back to Austin with Maggie
  • Coffee and reading at Mozart's on Lake Lady Bird-my new favorite place
  • Met Matt for burgers, Maggie went back to DFW
  • Shopped and explored SoCo
  • Dinner at MoonShine and drinks on 6th Street, complete with St. Patrick's Day craziness!
  • Morning coffee at Mozart's
  • Brunch at South Congress Cafe
  • Back for more exploring on South Congress - hunt for Hey, Cupcake!
  • Stopped at the San Marcos Outlets in the middle of a giant rainstorm
  • Explored Gruene, enjoyed drinks on the patio at The Gristmill
  • Dinner and relaxing at E & E's
  • Breakfast, quick walk through beautiful Landa Park, then heading home to DFW

May 11, 2008

Granbury and Glen Rose Weekend Trip

For our May getaway we enjoyed a fun and relaxing weekend in Granbury and Glen Rose, Texas, an easy 1 1/2 drive from our home. Overall, the perfect weekend trip! Our farmhouse cabin, The Neri Place, was fabulous - beautiful, private, convenient, and full of charm. We enjoyed the view of Comanche Peak, wildlife sightings - deer, frogs, lizards, cows, and the other amenities of the farmhouse, it is definitely recommended. We'll have to go back to Dinosaur Valley with friends to camp out and tackle the rest of the trails too.

Friday: Granbury
  • Drove to Granbury
  • Checked in and explored our farmhouse cabin, The Neri Place
  • Explored downtown Granbury and went in a few shops on the square
  • Dinner at Don Ayala, picked it because of the patio, next time I'd prefer the Cajun Cafe or a different restaurant on the square
Saturday: Glen Rose - Dino time!
  • Breakfast at the farmhouse - the stocked fridge was a great surprise
  • Drove to Dinosaur Valley State Park, just 20 minutes from the farmhouse
  • Spent the day hiking and exploring the park, we were able to view two great sets of tracks, next time we'll definitely have to bring Chaco's so we can cross the high water to get to the other set of trails
  • Enjoyed a picnic lunch on the trail at the park
  • Drove through the cute town of Glen Rose
  • Back to the farmhouse to relax and grill for dinner
Sunday: Home Again
  • Coffee on the patio and another great breakfast
  • Drove home - stopped and picked up Duncan from his relaxing getaway at MH's house